Our team follows a very strict quality methodology in order to assure exemplary quality. Each order is unique, as are the needs of our clients.

As soon as we receive the documents to be translated, we analyse the elements and/or tools to be used according to the type of document to be translated (e.g., internal terminology database, client terminology, “pre-translation” by translation software or fully assisted translation). Then, an estimate is sent to you and upon confirmation, we set up the project.

We use terminology databases specific to our clients and the subject matter. There are many advantages to maintaining these databases: reduced work and research time, standardisation of terminology for a specific client or field, consistency between different translations, and between different translators.

Translate 4U2 continuously populates client and domain databases. These include more than 100,000 specialised terms, which are classified and processed electronically.

Our internal control system reviews and controls the quality of the translations delivered by our employees. In addition, Translate 4U2 prides itself on systematically reviewing each text when it is translated into one of the European languages. Finally, the corrections made during this internal review are communicated to the translator for the purpose of improving future translations. Research is carried out to resolve any uncertainties.

Being attentive to the conditions and demands of our clients is part of our self-imposed quality process. To this end, we offer you a personal service: you only communicate with one contact who will guarantee the quality of the work requested.

Documents can be delivered in all the usual formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, idml, xml, etc.). They are returned to you in exactly the same format as the original texts. It’s up to you to choose the delivery method: delivery on paper, by post, by mail, by fax or simply by e-mail.

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